What Are GPS Dog Collars?

Garmin Astro 320

GPS Dog Collars allow you to keep track of your wandering hound even when it is out of sight!

This is done by means of a Collar that transmits its exact GPS location which is picked up by a hand-held receiver.

Some models make use of Smartphones to monitor and track that wayward pooch.

There are even products that are light and small enough for use with cats too!

Often used by the hunting fraternity they are also proving popular with dog owners who like to allow their dogs the freedom to roam but also like to know exactly where they are at any particular time.

GunDogSupply.com: Garmin ALPHA (Dog Tracking Collars + GPS Collars)

Garmin, well known for their GPS SatNav systems are also manufacturers of some of the finest GPS Dog Collars on the market today.

“Garmin ALPHA: Enjoy more relaxing and productive hunts. Track and train your dog on the same screen from a…”

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Garmin GPS Tracking – For Your Pet

Losing track of your dog in town is one thing, but losing it in wide open areas, and in the snow, is altogether another thing. There may be nowhere for a lost dog to take shelter or to be found and given a temporary home in some remote areas. So finding your dog quickly is essential. Older dogs are at even great risk in such circumstances!

“After losing Deanlea our 13 year old dog for 42 hours and 2 nights near Collingwood, Ontario Canada with temperatures as low as -5’C, considered a warm spell…”

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Garmin Astro 320 GPS Tracking for Hunting Dogs – Review – SportingDogPro.com

The Garmin Astro 320 GPS Dog Collar system can not only track up to 10 dogs at once but it also records where they have been! It is ideal for country areas where a Smart Phone app type of tracking system might not work due to the lack of a phone signal.

“Learn more about the Garmin Alpha 320 at: http://www.sportingdogpro.com/garmin-astro-320-gps-tracking-collar-with-dc40-combo Garmin Astro 320 review and feat…”

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GPS Dog Collars Track and Find Lost Dogs and Pets

The danger of your pet wandering in the neighborhood and in the street makes everyone fear the worst. How true!

How to Find a Lost Dog with Technology. Technology has come to the pet world with the Tractive GPS Pet Tag. Not only can you your track and find your lost dog or cat when they run away from home, but you can keep track of your sporting¬†…

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Dog GPS Tracker

GPS Dog Collars have been in the news lately! The TAGG uses a tablet or Smart Phone ¬†as the location monitor. That’s probably a more convenient way of tracking their dog for many people.

“Dave Markoff takes a look at TAGG. A dog collar with built-in GPS & Cell Phone technology. Dave Malkoff [ http://davemalkoff.com ] shows you how it can track your pet if it get…”

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Rocko Collar – GPS dog and cat collar

Cats needn’t feel left out (and lost!) when it comes to GPS Collars. New models are so small and light they can be worn cats as well as small dogs. The Rocko Collar is just such a device. So new and advance that at the time of writing it is Pre-order only. Watch this space!

“Check out this motion graphic video (along with illustrations by myself) I made for an exciting new product that is being submitted to Kickstarter. Rocko Collar is a spec…”

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SPD: Alleged car theif caught by dog collar GPS

How about this? Dogs help recover a stolen truck! Their GPS Collars helped Police and their owner track their locations – and the location of the truck that they were traveling in! Dogs, truck and thief all soon located! And this is no ‘Shaggy Dog’ story either!

“SPD: Alleged car thief caught by dog collar GPS.”

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GEODOG GPS-enabled collar lets you find your dog using – Gizmag

We’ve all experienced that moment of panic when we open the back door to let the dog inside only to find that he’s not there. Technology has provided a solution to this dilemma with GPS tracking devices designed specifically¬†…

The GEODOG system comes with the collar, and a proprietary software which works with Windows-based PCs (XP/Vista/7) as well as Android or Windows Mobile-equipped smartphones.

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