Pet Collar Video Cameras In Use

A Pet Collar Camera is a great way to see the world the way your dog, or cat, sees it!

Seeing the World from your dog’s view point can help to explain why they do the things they do.

It is just plain entertaining too!

Pets Day Out – GoPro Dog Collar Cam

Amusing to see how other dogs look when meeting this’ Pet Collar Camera equiped pooch’. And just look at that tongue in action! Brilliant!

“Roscoe went on an adventure at a local Pets Day Out event. This is the day from his perspective. Filmed with a GoPro attached to his collar. Find me on Twitt…”

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PawsCam, the WiFi dog collar camera!

We caught up with the team from who were at CES 2014 to showcase their new camera that fits to a dog’s collar. The device then takes pictures and…

Maybe they should have found some real dogs!

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Bad Dog – The Secret Life of Lucky

The mystery of where Lucky the wandering dog gets to and what he gets up to solved! He goes off for a BBQ! Dog Collar Cameras make this all possible to see!

“Lucky’s owners attach a camera to his neck and w…”

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SINTECHNO Pet Collar Video Recorder & Camera

It’s not only dogs that see the world differently. Cats have an altogether different view of their surroundings…

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Eyenimal Pet Camera

Eyenimal make some of the best Pet Collar Cams available today which are specifically designed for cats. The videos produced are of an amazing quality and clarity considering the nature of the very agile animal wearing it. This is possibly more entertaining that watching regular TV! Check this out…

“The Eyenimal invites you to experience a new adventure: the world from your pets eyes. The first of its kind video camera firmly attaches to your pet’s colla…”

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our cat Peping with a video camera

Great name for a cat, Peping! Peping Tom presumably.

“I put a small video camera on the cats collar to see what he see’s very funny.”

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Testing the dog collar camera mount.wmv

These dogs are certainly enjoying a drive around the neighborhood as the video footage from one of their Pet Collar Cameras clearly shows.

“Just a quick ride to test out the dog collar camera mount. Because my dog is a small necked dog, I had to use a harness setup to help keep the camera from sl…”

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Eyenimal Camera on Our Dog’s Collar

The light weight Eyenimal may not have the resolution of more expensive Dog Collar Cameras but the results can be just as amusing and entertaining!

!t Our first video made with the Eyenimal from DogTek as we begin a review for!”

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