GPS Dog Collar iPhone

GPS Dog Collar iPhone


A GPS Dog Collar Phones app, along with a suitable GPS Dog Collar, is a great way to keep track of your wandering pets.

Small enough to be used on the smallest of dogs and even cats they make use of the global GPS system and your phone to monitor your pets every movement and show you their exact location.

No more worrying where they got to with one of these High-Tech gadgets for pets!

iPhone, Android Apps Locate Lost Pets “Tagg’d” with GPS | CIO

Lost cat posterNew mobile apps for iOS and Android devices communicate with a GPS chip embedded in a pet’s collar to help dog- and cat-owners keep tabs on their animals and locate lost pets.

The Tagg system consists of a special, water-resistant collar-attachment with an embedded GPS chip that pet owners affix to their animals’ collars. And the Tagg chip lets you track your roaming furry friend via a variety of Web browsers and free mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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Gps For Dogs Iphone | Pet Animals Photos

Getting your dog to ‘Phone Home’ with its location is now a reality.

…nonetheless, whenever you take care of the Gps For Dogs Iphone, you will need to know that this phrase could be meant as an expression of a fear or ache that it feels. To differentiate the that means, you’ll be able to see how usually the cat makes that … Posts related to Gps For Dogs Iphone. Gps Dog Collar Iphone. Dogs Good With Kids And Other Dogs. Good Dogs For Kids And Other Dogs. Non Shedding Small Dogs Lap Dogs. Best Dogs To Own For Men. Best Dogs To Own In Nyc …

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TechCrunch – Locca Wants To Stop You Losing Stuff — Or Your Kids — With Its SIM-Packing GPS

Miniature GPS TrackersThese GPS Trackers are now getting so small and cheap that they can be used for just about anything you are likeley to mislay. Your phone, wallet, kids, not to mention your dog and cat! Tile is one of these new miniature tracking devices that will soon tale the market by storm!

“Depending on which technology is used the battery lifetime is shorter or longer. eg a Locca is fixed on your dog. At home the device is connected to FSK, when the dog enters the garden GSM is turned on and when the dog runs away you could even switch on in addition the APGS to see the exact position,” it says.

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SpotLite 2.0 GPS pet collar lets you monitor your pet with an iPhone

Dog wearing a Spotlite 2.0 GPS Pet CollarSpotLite 20 GPS pet collar lets you monitor your pet with an iPhone Securus, Inc. makes mobile security and safety devices, like the SpotLite GPS pet collar. This clever device attaches to your pet’s collar and lets you monitor …

Once it’s on your pet, you can establish “safe spots” in your area or neighborhood. If Fido leaves that area, you can receive a text message or an email. Alerts will continue to come in, along with the collar’s location, every 30 minutes until s/he is recovered.

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PAW releases Spotlight GPS Pet Locator app | iLounge News

Paw Spotlite appPositioning Animals Worldwide has released a free app to allow users of its Spotlight GPS Dog Collar to locate and track their pets using their iPhone. The SpotLight GPS Pet Locator application allows the user to locate one or …

…plot their locations on a map and use the iPhone’s GPS to provide real-time tracking and turn-by-turn directions to their pet.

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GEODOG GPS-enabled collar lets you find your dog using – Gizmag Sun, 15 Jan 2012 08:07:05 GMT

GEODOG utilizes a GPS locator and your smartphone to help find missing dogs. … The collar itself isn’t much thicker than a standard dog collar and the weight is an extremely manageable 150-grams (5.3-ounces). The GEODOG system comes with the collar, and a proprietary …. If this gave you real time GPS updates to your pc/iphone/android etc, if it were theft proof and unnoticeable to a potential dog thieves eyes I might be interested. I can see the power button …

Waterproof too!
if you have a dog that likes to swim, you can set an alert when he reaches a pond or creek close to your home which gives you a pretty good idea of what he’s up to. No worries though, the system is completely waterproof.

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Why keep your dog from wandering?

There may be many reasons why, as much as you love them, your dogs need to be contained in one specific area. An area that is convenient for you, and safe and secure for them!

  • Garden – Maybe there are parts of your lovingly tended garden that you just don’t want dug up or trampled on.
  • Safety – Perhaps there are areas that aren’t safe for your dog to be in.
  • Out of The House – Maybe you just want him or her to keep out of the house for while.
  • In The House – To keep them in or close to your house.
  • Visitors – You may have visitors who are nervous of dogs.
  • Traveling and camping – This is another occasion when a temporary containment area is desirable and perhaps even obligatory.
  • Pet Loss – If you’ve ever suffered pet loss you’ll never want to go through it again!
  • Anywhere that you want to have control of you dog’s location in fact.


LED Or Wireless Tracking Collars

An LED Dog Collar or a Wireless GPS Tracking system is ideal when you are out walking, or working with your dog.

One of these High-tech devices with help you keep track of where your dog is at all times.

An LED Dog Collar is perfect at night or in poor light and when the dog is not too far away. These come in various colors and are extremely bright.

Tracking Collar, used in conjunction with a GPS device such as a Garmin, will be essential if your dog, or dogs, tend to go further afield.

Not much use at keeping the dog in a specific area though!

Fences are good but not always 100% secure.


Sometimes you might simply want to keep your dog safe and contained in one area.

A good fence around your property is the obvious way to keep Fido from wandering away and going ‘Walk-about’ on his or her own.

Although with a large yard or garden maintaining a perfectly sound and ‘dog-proof’ enclosure would be a real challenge.

How to keep your dog from wandering – without fences?

Well you could arrange a chain or rope system to restrain the dog and keep it in a small area.

A dog with a chain around its neck is not a particularly good idea. Looks bad and the dog certainly won’t be happy.

And an unhappy dog can easily become an aggressive dog!

 A Wireless Pet Containment System is one way.

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300 for example, is an ideal way to keep you dog safe and sound in a circular area that you can define and quickly set up.

No physical barrier is involved, relying on a wireless connection to the dog collar.

With a little bit of training your dog will soon know not to go beyond ‘radio range’.

Every time it approaches the boundary of the signal area he receives a warning beep.

If your dog does not stop and return he then receives a static correction which is startling, but not harmful.

Certainly no worse than he or she would feel if you yanked their lead to pull them back into line. A gentle reminder to stop in fact.

Battery Powered Collar

One thing to bear in mind though is that although the collar is battery powered the base station is not and needs an AC Electricity supply for a wall socket.

What Are GPS Dog Collars?

What Are GPS Dog Collars?

Garmin Astro 320

GPS Dog Collars allow you to keep track of your wandering hound even when it is out of sight!

This is done by means of a Collar that transmits its exact GPS location which is picked up by a hand-held receiver.

Some models make use of Smartphones to monitor and track that wayward pooch.

There are even products that are light and small enough for use with cats too!

Often used by the hunting fraternity they are also proving popular with dog owners who like to allow their dogs the freedom to roam but also like to know exactly where they are at any particular time. Garmin ALPHA (Dog Tracking Collars + GPS Collars)

Garmin, well known for their GPS SatNav systems are also manufacturers of some of the finest GPS Dog Collars on the market today.

“Garmin ALPHA: Enjoy more relaxing and productive hunts. Track and train your dog on the same screen from a…”

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Garmin GPS Tracking – For Your Pet

Losing track of your dog in town is one thing, but losing it in wide open areas, and in the snow, is altogether another thing. There may be nowhere for a lost dog to take shelter or to be found and given a temporary home in some remote areas. So finding your dog quickly is essential. Older dogs are at even great risk in such circumstances!

“After losing Deanlea our 13 year old dog for 42 hours and 2 nights near Collingwood, Ontario Canada with temperatures as low as -5’C, considered a warm spell…”

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Garmin Astro 320 GPS Tracking for Hunting Dogs – Review –

The Garmin Astro 320 GPS Dog Collar system can not only track up to 10 dogs at once but it also records where they have been! It is ideal for country areas where a Smart Phone app type of tracking system might not work due to the lack of a phone signal.

“Learn more about the Garmin Alpha 320 at: Garmin Astro 320 review and feat…”

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GPS Dog Collars Track and Find Lost Dogs and Pets

The danger of your pet wandering in the neighborhood and in the street makes everyone fear the worst. How true!

How to Find a Lost Dog with Technology. Technology has come to the pet world with the Tractive GPS Pet Tag. Not only can you your track and find your lost dog or cat when they run away from home, but you can keep track of your sporting …

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Dog GPS Tracker

GPS Dog Collars have been in the news lately! The TAGG uses a tablet or Smart Phone  as the location monitor. That’s probably a more convenient way of tracking their dog for many people.

“Dave Markoff takes a look at TAGG. A dog collar with built-in GPS & Cell Phone technology. Dave Malkoff [ ] shows you how it can track your pet if it get…”

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Rocko Collar – GPS dog and cat collar

Cats needn’t feel left out (and lost!) when it comes to GPS Collars. New models are so small and light they can be worn cats as well as small dogs. The Rocko Collar is just such a device. So new and advance that at the time of writing it is Pre-order only. Watch this space!

“Check out this motion graphic video (along with illustrations by myself) I made for an exciting new product that is being submitted to Kickstarter. Rocko Collar is a spec…”

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SPD: Alleged car theif caught by dog collar GPS

How about this? Dogs help recover a stolen truck! Their GPS Collars helped Police and their owner track their locations – and the location of the truck that they were traveling in! Dogs, truck and thief all soon located! And this is no ‘Shaggy Dog’ story either!

“SPD: Alleged car thief caught by dog collar GPS.”

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GEODOG GPS-enabled collar lets you find your dog using – Gizmag

We’ve all experienced that moment of panic when we open the back door to let the dog inside only to find that he’s not there. Technology has provided a solution to this dilemma with GPS tracking devices designed specifically …

The GEODOG system comes with the collar, and a proprietary software which works with Windows-based PCs (XP/Vista/7) as well as Android or Windows Mobile-equipped smartphones.

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What Are Bark Collars?

What Are Bark Collars?

BARK Collar Citronella Spray Anti-Bark collar for Dogs KitThe most common alternative names for Bark Collars are Non-Bark Collars, Anti-Bark Collars and No-Bark collars. They are all pretty self-explanatory names. They are collars designed to stop your dog barking.

It’s good to have a good guard dog that lets you know if there are intruders about. But some dogs can be a bit too eager to bark. Remember the story of the little boy who cried wolf. Eventually no one believed him and when there was really a wolf around no one came to his calls for help and the big bad wolf ate him!

Constantly barking dogs can have a similar effect. You eventually become ‘deaf’ to their warnings and ignore them! Unfortunately if only one alert is genuine you are likely to suffer a break-in or worse!

Controlling non-stop barking is what Bark Collars are used for. After some brief initial training with the collar the dog will soon learn not to bark at just anything that moves. Even after training dogs will always bark at a real threat so you will end up with a good guard dog that doesn’t drive you and your neighbors crazy!

Dog with bark collar

“Penners first time with her bark collar.” Even the most persistent barkers can’t ignore the Bark Collar. Not painful or harmful to the dog they act as a distraction which is pretty effective, as you can see!

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Petsafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar Review

A barking dog can be a real worry to visitors. The dog may not even be aggressive. Just the bark is enough to alarm some people. The Petsafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar is a humane way to control your dog’s fearsome sounding bark whenever you have visitors. “Thank you so much for watching! I really appreciate the support and please, keep it coming so I can continue to do video reviews, demos and How To’s for yah!…”

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Review: Citronella Spray Bark Collars; Are They Worth It? | New Dog Tue, 29 Apr 2014 22:46:49 GMT

Spray Bark CollarAlmost any correctional collar is always dismissed by any trainer worth their salt. However, the majority of dog owners, almost all of them in fact, are not dog trainers. Excessive barking can pose a great problem beyond simple annoyance.

” Put the collar on during training sessions and purposefully knock on the door to get him to bark. After he tries to a couple times and is corrected by the collar, he will choose not to bark to avoid the spray.”

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Anti-Barking Collar

Wow! Lexi the Labrador who barks indoors and out, constantly, is silenced after just a bark or two. This type of Bark Collar sprays a lemon scent whenever it ‘hears’ the dog bark. Harmless and not at all uncomfortable to the dog. In fact many dog trainers use a water spray to correct a misbehaving dog. “Watch as we roadtest a citronella barking collar on my Labrador Lexi. The results are somewhat amusing. :) To get your own collar, go here – #57 …”

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Innotek’s No bark spray collar actually works.

This little dog is a really quick learner. One bark and it retreats to a safe area and waits patiently and in silence! This thing really does work. ‘Guaranteed to stop your dog from nuisance barking. It’s humane and sprays a light mist of citronella whenever your dog barks.’

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Dog bark collar reviews

Dog wearing a bark collarIf you are still wondering which type of bark collar is best for your dog this may help. There are many brands and types of bark collar. Some buzz, others spray a scent and some even shock the dog with an electric discharge. Your choice, I suppose, depends on how determined your dog is is to bark and how comfortable you feel about the method used in any particular device.

“Welcome to website about dog bark control collars. This website helps you choose bark collar for your dog and you realize how it works. If you have already bought a dog bark collar you can share and write your review. Find out what kind of …”

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Wireless Fences For Dogs – What Are They?

Wireless Fences For Dogs – What Are They?

Girl and her dog with wireless fence collar - Amazon Photo

If you have a large property or perhaps if you are traveling and staying away from home the idea of fencing in an area to contain your dog is probably quite daunting, not to say impossible!

With a big garden or yard it may be simply not practical or even affordable to erect a fence to keep your dog from wandering.

Staying with friends is equally difficult. You can’t often go around someone else’s property hammering in fence posts and hanging up chain-link fencing – if you ever want to visit them again.

One High-Tech solution to this problem is now available though. Sounds improbable doesn’t it? It is possible though, with an easily available product designed and made for just this purpose. Wireless Pet Fences!

Here’s how:…

Explore the Science Behind Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences

This is one of the latest and very highest-tech wireless fences around today. It has a huge containment range and is perfect for the biggest yards.
” All Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences feature an extended 400 to 500 foot Roaming Area, but how does …”

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Invisible Fence Demonstration

Good video that gives some very useful hints and tips on installing your own Wireless Pet Fence.
“Not sure if a Invisible Fence will work for you, you have to see this video. Find more great helpful Invisible Fence information at”

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How Does A Wireless Fence Work?

A wireless dog fence is great at holding your puppy in a particular zone. A few puppies simply love to hop over the wall or burrow openings to escape. This is the ideal result on the off chance that you need to give your pet a lot of flexibility to …

Typical Wireless Fence Containment areWireless fence frameworks comprise of two different segments intended to cooperate – the transmitter and the recipient neckline. The transmitter unit could be put in a subtle territory, for example, a storage room or utility room.

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Wireless Dog Fence FAQ

Dogs playing safely in a wireless containment zoneIf you still have reservations (excuse pun) about wireless dog fences this article should set your mind at ease.
“Questions such as “Will a wireless fence hurt or shock my dog.” and “Is it easy to train a dog to use a wireless fence.” are not uncommon and both are perfectly valid questions. Anyone who uses a wireless dog fence will tell you they are wonderful devices.”

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PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews

“Living in an area that has temptations that dogs can’t resist must be one of the best tests for any wireless fence system. This Petsafe system passes the test with flying colors! After reading the PetSafe wireless fence reviews I found online, I decided to buy instant fence system for our dog Har…”

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Compare Wireless Dog Fences

Handy video that shows comparisons of several brands of Wireless Dog Fences. Most of these are available at the Pet Love Tech Store. Click on the link at the top of the page for more information.
“Comparing Wireless Dog Fences Compare Three Models PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence vs. PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence vs. Perimeter Technologies Wire Fr…

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Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

The Winner!Make sure you buy the best Wireless Pet Fence to suit you, your dog and your property. This article gives some very good advice. The winner, according to this article is available at the Pets Love Tech Store, click on the link at top of the page for further information and latest prices.
Check out the Wireless Dog Fences reviews of 2014 and view who won the award for the best Wireless Dog Fences . Our expert staff has researched a lot of.

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Pet fence – Wikipedia Definition

Wikipedia explains exactly what a Wireless Pet Fence is and how it works. Handy to know the ins and outs of the technology even if only to impress your friends!
“A pet fence or fence-less boundary is an electronic system designed to keep a pet or … Underground fences cannot … predetermined boundary A dog contained …”

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Non-Pull Dog Harnesses – What Are They?

Non-Pull Dog Harnesses – What Are They?

Non-Pull Dog Harnesses are, to put it simply, harnesses that allow you maximum control over your dog when out walking.

Non-Pull Dog HarnessYou may be wondering why I have included this product here as, at first sight, it might not appear to be particularly High-Tech or Cutting-edge. Compare a non-pull harness to a regular dog harness and you will see that a lot of thought and design has gone into making it.

A regular dog harness, sometimes called a Pulling Harness or even simply a Dog Harness, is designed to be as comfortable as possible for your dog! I tend to think of them as ‘Dog Comfort Harnesses’ for this reason.

Non-Pull Dog Harnesses, on the other hand, although not uncomfortable for the dog, do exert some pressure to the dog’s chest. This is just enough to dissuade the dog from pulling any further.

They work allowing part of the harness strapping to be pulled through a small metal plate. The end of the strap is attached to the dog’s leash and when the dog pulls against it the harness tightenes gently around the dog’s chest and as if by magic it stops pulling!

My Lurcher, when she was a puppy, would pull so strongly against her collar and leash she would start to choke herself. If she saw a cat crossing the road she was in real danger of doing herself some harm. But as soon as I put the non-pull harness on her she pulled once and then settled down and just trotted along by my side.

No more choking for her, and no more sore shoulders and arms for me. Thinking back on it, it also gave me a back-ache on longer walks too! But not anymore! We just stroll along nicely now.

Here are some videos that show exactly what I mean.

Non-Pull Dog Harness – Amazing Results!

This short video shows just effective a Non-Pull Dog Harness can be. The Non-Pull Harness is very easy to use and really simple to fit. The elastic web and mesh material around your dog’s chest stretch and allow your dog to mo…

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Stop your Dog Pulling -The Sporn Harness

This is the type of NON-Pull Harness I use on my Lurcher. Well designed and works extremely well… Gives you back control as the video says.
“Harness will help anyone who has a pully dog. This video goes through why I use a harness and why I prefer the Sporn harness. Yo…”

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Who’s Walking Who? Choosing the Right Harness or Head Collar

A no-Pull or Non-Pull Harness will solve a lot of the problems with an over eager dog that tends to pull whenever it see something worth chasing. Proper training is just as important too. Young dogs and puppies can be a real problem on the leash until they learn their walking manners. A non-pull harness in conjunction with good training will soon turn that crazy dog into a nice to walk companion.
“A no pull harness can quickly improve your dog’s walking skills, however, manners training will complement these no-pull harnesses and head collars nicely and do more to change the pulling behavior of your dog.”

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Walk Your Dog With Love – The World’s Best Dog Harness

This is a variation on the theme. This one doesn’t use the plate and strap system like most non-pull dog harnesses. A simple design and seems to work. for Happy Dog Walking Walk Your Dog With Love is The Worlds’ Best Dog Harness. It is a No Choke, No Pull, More Control dog harnes…

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Emergency no pull harness for dog

Interesting idea in this video. How to make a temporary, emergency non-pull dog harness from a dog leash. I know from experience that this will work, as just positioning the leash under the dog’s neck will almost magically stop any pulling. It seems that just the feel of the leash, hanging loose in front of the dog’s neck, does the trick.
“How to quickly make a no pull harness for a dog that is pulling you and difficult to control due to his strength. Us this method temporarily to get back to t…”

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Dog COA Non-Pull Harness – Aid4Disabled Thu, 13 Feb 2014 10:27:20 GMT

Aid4disabled A COA non pull harness its an easy to use dog harness and a comfortabe harness for dogs as well. Its the harness to stop dogs pulling.
“The harness stops the dog pulling

Originally from :


Non-Pull Dog Harnesses are great anyone who loves walking their dog without the risk of being pulled over. This is even more important for a disabled dog-walker who really needs a well mannered dog that just walks nicely.
“I cannot take a dog out that pulls because it will pull me over. This will apply to anyone whose balance is not perfect. Being able to change a dog from one that is continually try to pull you into the next county into one that does not pull is a life changer. This easy to fit dog harness can make that happen instantly.”

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