Non-Pull Dog Harnesses – What Are They?

Non-Pull Dog Harnesses are, to put it simply, harnesses that allow you maximum control over your dog when out walking.

Non-Pull Dog HarnessYou may be wondering why I have included this product here as, at first sight, it might not appear to be particularly High-Tech or Cutting-edge. Compare a non-pull harness to a regular dog harness and you will see that a lot of thought and design has gone into making it.

A regular dog harness, sometimes called a Pulling Harness or even simply a Dog Harness, is designed to be as comfortable as possible for your dog! I tend to think of them as ‘Dog Comfort Harnesses’ for this reason.

Non-Pull Dog Harnesses, on the other hand, although not uncomfortable for the dog, do exert some pressure to the dog’s chest. This is just enough to dissuade the dog from pulling any further.

They work allowing part of the harness strapping to be pulled through a small metal plate. The end of the strap is attached to the dog’s leash and when the dog pulls against it the harness tightenes gently around the dog’s chest and as if by magic it stops pulling!

My Lurcher, when she was a puppy, would pull so strongly against her collar and leash she would start to choke herself. If she saw a cat crossing the road she was in real danger of doing herself some harm. But as soon as I put the non-pull harness on her she pulled once and then settled down and just trotted along by my side.

No more choking for her, and no more sore shoulders and arms for me. Thinking back on it, it also gave me a back-ache on longer walks too! But not anymore! We just stroll along nicely now.

Here are some videos that show exactly what I mean.

Non-Pull Dog Harness – Amazing Results!

This short video shows just effective a Non-Pull Dog Harness can be. The Non-Pull Harness is very easy to use and really simple to fit. The elastic web and mesh material around your dog’s chest stretch and allow your dog to mo…

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Stop your Dog Pulling -The Sporn Harness

This is the type of NON-Pull Harness I use on my Lurcher. Well designed and works extremely well… Gives you back control as the video says.
“Harness will help anyone who has a pully dog. This video goes through why I use a harness and why I prefer the Sporn harness. Yo…”

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Who’s Walking Who? Choosing the Right Harness or Head Collar

A no-Pull or Non-Pull Harness will solve a lot of the problems with an over eager dog that tends to pull whenever it see something worth chasing. Proper training is just as important too. Young dogs and puppies can be a real problem on the leash until they learn their walking manners. A non-pull harness in conjunction with good training will soon turn that crazy dog into a nice to walk companion.
“A no pull harness can quickly improve your dog’s walking skills, however, manners training will complement these no-pull harnesses and head collars nicely and do more to change the pulling behavior of your dog.”

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Walk Your Dog With Love – The World’s Best Dog Harness

This is a variation on the theme. This one doesn’t use the plate and strap system like most non-pull dog harnesses. A simple design and seems to work. for Happy Dog Walking Walk Your Dog With Love is The Worlds’ Best Dog Harness. It is a No Choke, No Pull, More Control dog harnes…

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Emergency no pull harness for dog

Interesting idea in this video. How to make a temporary, emergency non-pull dog harness from a dog leash. I know from experience that this will work, as just positioning the leash under the dog’s neck will almost magically stop any pulling. It seems that just the feel of the leash, hanging loose in front of the dog’s neck, does the trick.
“How to quickly make a no pull harness for a dog that is pulling you and difficult to control due to his strength. Us this method temporarily to get back to t…”

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Dog COA Non-Pull Harness – Aid4Disabled Thu, 13 Feb 2014 10:27:20 GMT

Aid4disabled A COA non pull harness its an easy to use dog harness and a comfortabe harness for dogs as well. Its the harness to stop dogs pulling.
“The harness stops the dog pulling

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Non-Pull Dog Harnesses are great anyone who loves walking their dog without the risk of being pulled over. This is even more important for a disabled dog-walker who really needs a well mannered dog that just walks nicely.
“I cannot take a dog out that pulls because it will pull me over. This will apply to anyone whose balance is not perfect. Being able to change a dog from one that is continually try to pull you into the next county into one that does not pull is a life changer. This easy to fit dog harness can make that happen instantly.”

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