LED Dog Collars – Why Your Dog Needs One

Red LED Dog Collar - Photo AmazonYou may have seen dogs wearing bright, possibly flashing, LED Collars and wondered if you should get one for your dog too.

Maybe the necessity for such an unusual gadget escapes you.

You’ve may have wondered why anyone would want to put one their dog.

Well, there are several very good reasons for doing so.

The main one, I suppose, is safety.

Being clearly seen when out walking with your dog is vitally important, particularly during the dark evenings of Winter.

When your dog is wearing an LED Dog Collar you will both be more visible to others.

That’s particularly important when walking along dark, unlit roads!

And, of course, when off its leash your dog is easily seen by you, helping you to keep it from wandering into danger.

You will be able to keep an eye on it and know exactly where it is at all times.

These videos show just how effective they can be when your dog is running free and walking by your side.

Take a look at them to help you decide if you need an LED Collar for your Dog.

HALO MINI – LED PET COLLAR – Beautiful Husky

Kickstarter- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/137677097/halo-mini-illuminated-pet-collars Mission: SAVE LIVES. HALO MINI is an illuminated collar for our …

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Glow Bright LED Dog Collars

http://pulsetv.com/emailpromotion.asp?key=YOUTUBE&dest=http://www2.pulsetv.com/prodinfo.asp?number=6118 This Glow Bright Dog Collar has a super bright, long …

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GlowDoggie LED Dog Collar Review – Dog Products

http://www.bestofdog.com Tue, 04 Mar 2014 05:23:03 GMT

If you are a victim of walking your dog at night due to long work hours or just love being outdoors at night, then I know you’ll appreciate this very resourceful LED dog collar. This German made collar is unlike anything you’ve …

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Dog LED Collar

LED Dog Collar in Action.

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Dog-E-Glow LED Dog Collars and Leashes

LED Dog Collars and Leashes New Technology from Dog-E-Glow.

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Glowdoggie LED Dog Collars | Uncrate

http://uncrate.com Wed, 20 Jun 2012 20:41:32 GMT

Originally from : http://uncrate.com/stuff/glowdoggie-led-dog-collars/



Does your dog have a habit of roaming the woods, streets, or backyard at night? Keep a watchful eye on them with Glowdoggie LED Dog Collars ($50-$65). These completely waterproof collars use Superflux-LEDs — with 17-year LED life …

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As you can see they can be a great safety aid and also great fun.

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