Why keep your dog from wandering?

There may be many reasons why, as much as you love them, your dogs need to be contained in one specific area. An area that is convenient for you, and safe and secure for them!

  • Garden – Maybe there are parts of your lovingly tended garden that you just don’t want dug up or trampled on.
  • Safety – Perhaps there are areas that aren’t safe for your dog to be in.
  • Out of The House – Maybe you just want him or her to keep out of the house for while.
  • In The House – To keep them in or close to your house.
  • Visitors – You may have visitors who are nervous of dogs.
  • Traveling and camping – This is another occasion when a temporary containment area is desirable and perhaps even obligatory.
  • Pet Loss – If you’ve ever suffered pet loss you’ll never want to go through it again!
  • Anywhere that you want to have control of you dog’s location in fact.


LED Or Wireless Tracking Collars

An LED Dog Collar or a Wireless GPS Tracking system is ideal when you are out walking, or working with your dog.

One of these High-tech devices with help you keep track of where your dog is at all times.

An LED Dog Collar is perfect at night or in poor light and when the dog is not too far away. These come in various colors and are extremely bright.

Tracking Collar, used in conjunction with a GPS device such as a Garmin, will be essential if your dog, or dogs, tend to go further afield.

Not much use at keeping the dog in a specific area though!

Fences are good but not always 100% secure.


Sometimes you might simply want to keep your dog safe and contained in one area.

A good fence around your property is the obvious way to keep Fido from wandering away and going ‘Walk-about’ on his or her own.

Although with a large yard or garden maintaining a perfectly sound and ‘dog-proof’ enclosure would be a real challenge.

How to keep your dog from wandering – without fences?

Well you could arrange a chain or rope system to restrain the dog and keep it in a small area.

A dog with a chain around its neck is not a particularly good idea. Looks bad and the dog certainly won’t be happy.

And an unhappy dog can easily become an aggressive dog!

 A Wireless Pet Containment System is one way.

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300 for example, is an ideal way to keep you dog safe and sound in a circular area that you can define and quickly set up.

No physical barrier is involved, relying on a wireless connection to the dog collar.

With a little bit of training your dog will soon know not to go beyond ‘radio range’.

Every time it approaches the boundary of the signal area he receives a warning beep.

If your dog does not stop and return he then receives a static correction which is startling, but not harmful.

Certainly no worse than he or she would feel if you yanked their lead to pull them back into line. A gentle reminder to stop in fact.

Battery Powered Collar

One thing to bear in mind though is that although the collar is battery powered the base station is not and needs an AC Electricity supply for a wall socket.

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