What Are Bark Collars?

BARK Collar Citronella Spray Anti-Bark collar for Dogs KitThe most common alternative names for Bark Collars are Non-Bark Collars, Anti-Bark Collars and No-Bark collars. They are all pretty self-explanatory names. They are collars designed to stop your dog barking.

It’s good to have a good guard dog that lets you know if there are intruders about. But some dogs can be a bit too eager to bark. Remember the story of the little boy who cried wolf. Eventually no one believed him and when there was really a wolf around no one came to his calls for help and the big bad wolf ate him!

Constantly barking dogs can have a similar effect. You eventually become ‘deaf’ to their warnings and ignore them! Unfortunately if only one alert is genuine you are likely to suffer a break-in or worse!

Controlling non-stop barking is what Bark Collars are used for. After some brief initial training with the collar the dog will soon learn not to bark at just anything that moves. Even after training dogs will always bark at a real threat so you will end up with a good guard dog that doesn’t drive you and your neighbors crazy!

Dog with bark collar

“Penners first time with her bark collar.” Even the most persistent barkers can’t ignore the Bark Collar. Not painful or harmful to the dog they act as a distraction which is pretty effective, as you can see!

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Petsafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar Review

A barking dog can be a real worry to visitors. The dog may not even be aggressive. Just the bark is enough to alarm some people. The Petsafe Anti-Bark Spray Collar is a humane way to control your dog’s fearsome sounding bark whenever you have visitors. “Thank you so much for watching! I really appreciate the support and please, keep it coming so I can continue to do video reviews, demos and How To’s for yah!…”

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Review: Citronella Spray Bark Collars; Are They Worth It? | New Dog

http://newdogowners.com Tue, 29 Apr 2014 22:46:49 GMT

Spray Bark CollarAlmost any correctional collar is always dismissed by any trainer worth their salt. However, the majority of dog owners, almost all of them in fact, are not dog trainers. Excessive barking can pose a great problem beyond simple annoyance.

” Put the collar on during training sessions and purposefully knock on the door to get him to bark. After he tries to a couple times and is corrected by the collar, he will choose not to bark to avoid the spray.”

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Anti-Barking Collar

Wow! Lexi the Labrador who barks indoors and out, constantly, is silenced after just a bark or two. This type of Bark Collar sprays a lemon scent whenever it ‘hears’ the dog bark. Harmless and not at all uncomfortable to the dog. In fact many dog trainers use a water spray to correct a misbehaving dog. “Watch as we roadtest a citronella barking collar on my Labrador Lexi. The results are somewhat amusing. :) To get your own collar, go here – www.petcontrol.com.au #57 …”

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Innotek’s No bark spray collar actually works.

This little dog is a really quick learner. One bark and it retreats to a safe area and waits patiently and in silence! This thing really does work. ‘Guaranteed to stop your dog from nuisance barking. It’s humane and sprays a light mist of citronella whenever your dog barks.’

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Dog bark collar reviews

Dog wearing a bark collarIf you are still wondering which type of bark collar is best for your dog this may help. There are many brands and types of bark collar. Some buzz, others spray a scent and some even shock the dog with an electric discharge. Your choice, I suppose, depends on how determined your dog is is to bark and how comfortable you feel about the method used in any particular device.

“Welcome to website about dog bark control collars. This website helps you choose bark collar for your dog and you realize how it works. If you have already bought a dog bark collar you can share and write your review. Find out what kind of …”

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