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Wireless Fences For Dogs – What Are They?

Wireless Fences For Dogs – What Are They?

Girl and her dog with wireless fence collar - Amazon Photo

If you have a large property or perhaps if you are traveling and staying away from home the idea of fencing in an area to contain your dog is probably quite daunting, not to say impossible!

With a big garden or yard it may be simply not practical or even affordable to erect a fence to keep your dog from wandering.

Staying with friends is equally difficult. You can’t often go around someone else’s property hammering in fence posts and hanging up chain-link fencing – if you ever want to visit them again.

One High-Tech solution to this problem is now available though. Sounds improbable doesn’t it? It is possible though, with an easily available product designed and made for just this purpose. Wireless Pet Fences!

Here’s how:…

Explore the Science Behind Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences

This is one of the latest and very highest-tech wireless fences around today. It has a huge containment range and is perfect for the biggest yards.
” All Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences feature an extended 400 to 500 foot Roaming Area, but how does …”

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Invisible Fence Demonstration

Good video that gives some very useful hints and tips on installing your own Wireless Pet Fence.
“Not sure if a Invisible Fence will work for you, you have to see this video. Find more great helpful Invisible Fence information at”

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How Does A Wireless Fence Work?

A wireless dog fence is great at holding your puppy in a particular zone. A few puppies simply love to hop over the wall or burrow openings to escape. This is the ideal result on the off chance that you need to give your pet a lot of flexibility to …

Typical Wireless Fence Containment areWireless fence frameworks comprise of two different segments intended to cooperate – the transmitter and the recipient neckline. The transmitter unit could be put in a subtle territory, for example, a storage room or utility room.

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Wireless Dog Fence FAQ

Dogs playing safely in a wireless containment zoneIf you still have reservations (excuse pun) about wireless dog fences this article should set your mind at ease.
“Questions such as “Will a wireless fence hurt or shock my dog.” and “Is it easy to train a dog to use a wireless fence.” are not uncommon and both are perfectly valid questions. Anyone who uses a wireless dog fence will tell you they are wonderful devices.”

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PetSafe Wireless Fence Reviews

“Living in an area that has temptations that dogs can’t resist must be one of the best tests for any wireless fence system. This Petsafe system passes the test with flying colors! After reading the PetSafe wireless fence reviews I found online, I decided to buy instant fence system for our dog Har…”

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Compare Wireless Dog Fences

Handy video that shows comparisons of several brands of Wireless Dog Fences. Most of these are available at the Pet Love Tech Store. Click on the link at the top of the page for more information.
“Comparing Wireless Dog Fences Compare Three Models PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence vs. PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence vs. Perimeter Technologies Wire Fr…

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Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

The Winner!Make sure you buy the best Wireless Pet Fence to suit you, your dog and your property. This article gives some very good advice. The winner, according to this article is available at the Pets Love Tech Store, click on the link at top of the page for further information and latest prices.
Check out the Wireless Dog Fences reviews of 2014 and view who won the award for the best Wireless Dog Fences . Our expert staff has researched a lot of.

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Pet fence – Wikipedia Definition

Wikipedia explains exactly what a Wireless Pet Fence is and how it works. Handy to know the ins and outs of the technology even if only to impress your friends!
“A pet fence or fence-less boundary is an electronic system designed to keep a pet or … Underground fences cannot … predetermined boundary A dog contained …”

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Non-Pull Dog Harnesses – What Are They?

Non-Pull Dog Harnesses – What Are They?

Non-Pull Dog Harnesses are, to put it simply, harnesses that allow you maximum control over your dog when out walking.

Non-Pull Dog HarnessYou may be wondering why I have included this product here as, at first sight, it might not appear to be particularly High-Tech or Cutting-edge. Compare a non-pull harness to a regular dog harness and you will see that a lot of thought and design has gone into making it.

A regular dog harness, sometimes called a Pulling Harness or even simply a Dog Harness, is designed to be as comfortable as possible for your dog! I tend to think of them as ‘Dog Comfort Harnesses’ for this reason.

Non-Pull Dog Harnesses, on the other hand, although not uncomfortable for the dog, do exert some pressure to the dog’s chest. This is just enough to dissuade the dog from pulling any further.

They work allowing part of the harness strapping to be pulled through a small metal plate. The end of the strap is attached to the dog’s leash and when the dog pulls against it the harness tightenes gently around the dog’s chest and as if by magic it stops pulling!

My Lurcher, when she was a puppy, would pull so strongly against her collar and leash she would start to choke herself. If she saw a cat crossing the road she was in real danger of doing herself some harm. But as soon as I put the non-pull harness on her she pulled once and then settled down and just trotted along by my side.

No more choking for her, and no more sore shoulders and arms for me. Thinking back on it, it also gave me a back-ache on longer walks too! But not anymore! We just stroll along nicely now.

Here are some videos that show exactly what I mean.

Non-Pull Dog Harness – Amazing Results!

This short video shows just effective a Non-Pull Dog Harness can be. The Non-Pull Harness is very easy to use and really simple to fit. The elastic web and mesh material around your dog’s chest stretch and allow your dog to mo…

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Stop your Dog Pulling -The Sporn Harness

This is the type of NON-Pull Harness I use on my Lurcher. Well designed and works extremely well… Gives you back control as the video says.
“Harness will help anyone who has a pully dog. This video goes through why I use a harness and why I prefer the Sporn harness. Yo…”

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Who’s Walking Who? Choosing the Right Harness or Head Collar

A no-Pull or Non-Pull Harness will solve a lot of the problems with an over eager dog that tends to pull whenever it see something worth chasing. Proper training is just as important too. Young dogs and puppies can be a real problem on the leash until they learn their walking manners. A non-pull harness in conjunction with good training will soon turn that crazy dog into a nice to walk companion.
“A no pull harness can quickly improve your dog’s walking skills, however, manners training will complement these no-pull harnesses and head collars nicely and do more to change the pulling behavior of your dog.”

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Walk Your Dog With Love – The World’s Best Dog Harness

This is a variation on the theme. This one doesn’t use the plate and strap system like most non-pull dog harnesses. A simple design and seems to work. for Happy Dog Walking Walk Your Dog With Love is The Worlds’ Best Dog Harness. It is a No Choke, No Pull, More Control dog harnes…

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Emergency no pull harness for dog

Interesting idea in this video. How to make a temporary, emergency non-pull dog harness from a dog leash. I know from experience that this will work, as just positioning the leash under the dog’s neck will almost magically stop any pulling. It seems that just the feel of the leash, hanging loose in front of the dog’s neck, does the trick.
“How to quickly make a no pull harness for a dog that is pulling you and difficult to control due to his strength. Us this method temporarily to get back to t…”

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Dog COA Non-Pull Harness – Aid4Disabled Thu, 13 Feb 2014 10:27:20 GMT

Aid4disabled A COA non pull harness its an easy to use dog harness and a comfortabe harness for dogs as well. Its the harness to stop dogs pulling.
“The harness stops the dog pulling

Originally from :


Non-Pull Dog Harnesses are great anyone who loves walking their dog without the risk of being pulled over. This is even more important for a disabled dog-walker who really needs a well mannered dog that just walks nicely.
“I cannot take a dog out that pulls because it will pull me over. This will apply to anyone whose balance is not perfect. Being able to change a dog from one that is continually try to pull you into the next county into one that does not pull is a life changer. This easy to fit dog harness can make that happen instantly.”

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Pet Collar Cameras – What Are They?

Pet Collar Cameras – What Are They?

Petc On Dog - Picture AmazonBasically Pet Collar Cameras, sometimes called Pet Cams, are miniturized video cameras small and light enough to put on your pet dog or even cat!

Not that long ago the idea of hanging video camera around your dog’s neck was pure science fiction.

But now with the incredible miniaturization of electronics, and the ever decreasing cost, this is not only possible but also something we can all afford to enjoy.

In fact these marvels of electronics are now so small and light they can even be used to record your cat’s activities on video!

Some people have even mounted heavier video cameras such as the GoPro, on special harnesses fitted on their dog.

The results, in High Definition, are quite amazing!

Cats can also prove to be really entertaining when fitted with a light-weight Pet Cam.

Some of their activities have been a real eye-opener for some cat owners who previously thought of their feline companion as a cute and cuddly ball of fur that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

For better or for worse their fascinating, true nature has been revealed to the world.

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog gets up to when you let them off their leash and they take off over the hills and far away, or what your cat gets up to when it takes off over that fence?

Now, with a Pet Collar Camera fitted to them, you will be able to see every detail of their wanderings.

Some of the results being recorded on these tiny pet collar cameras are quite amazing as these videos show…

GoPro Dog – A Day In The Life Of Kimbo – Camera mounted on my Rottweiler at the woods, @Mezdogg – GoPro camera on dog. My Rottweiler Kimbo is the camera man and the star of the show not forgetting his best buddy Spirit, th…

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Kitty Cat camera (Stimpy’s adventure)

After lunch, Stimpy the cat is making his daily walk trough the neighborhood. Stimpy meets his brother Jacky at 6 minutes and 17 seconds! Records made with a…

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Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats!

Watch “Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats!” Inspired by our Repurrters, we created this amazing film to document the magical world of cats. Enj…

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Bad Dog – The Secret Life of Lucky

Watch BAD DOG Saturdays @ 10pm E/P | For more, visit | Lucky’s owners attach a camera to his neck and w…

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LED Dog Collars – Why Your Dog Needs One

Red LED Dog Collar - Photo AmazonYou may have seen dogs wearing bright, possibly flashing, LED Collars and wondered if you should get one for your dog too.

Maybe the necessity for such an unusual gadget escapes you.

You’ve may have wondered why anyone would want to put one their dog.

Well, there are several very good reasons for doing so.

The main one, I suppose, is safety.

Being clearly seen when out walking with your dog is vitally important, particularly during the dark evenings of Winter.

When your dog is wearing an LED Dog Collar you will both be more visible to others.

That’s particularly important when walking along dark, unlit roads!

And, of course, when off its leash your dog is easily seen by you, helping you to keep it from wandering into danger.

You will be able to keep an eye on it and know exactly where it is at all times.

These videos show just how effective they can be when your dog is running free and walking by your side.

Take a look at them to help you decide if you need an LED Collar for your Dog.

HALO MINI – LED PET COLLAR – Beautiful Husky

Kickstarter- Mission: SAVE LIVES. HALO MINI is an illuminated collar for our …

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Glow Bright LED Dog Collars This Glow Bright Dog Collar has a super bright, long …

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GlowDoggie LED Dog Collar Review – Dog Products Tue, 04 Mar 2014 05:23:03 GMT

If you are a victim of walking your dog at night due to long work hours or just love being outdoors at night, then I know you’ll appreciate this very resourceful LED dog collar. This German made collar is unlike anything you’ve …

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Dog LED Collar

LED Dog Collar in Action.

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Dog-E-Glow LED Dog Collars and Leashes

LED Dog Collars and Leashes New Technology from Dog-E-Glow.

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Glowdoggie LED Dog Collars | Uncrate Wed, 20 Jun 2012 20:41:32 GMT

Originally from :


Does your dog have a habit of roaming the woods, streets, or backyard at night? Keep a watchful eye on them with Glowdoggie LED Dog Collars ($50-$65). These completely waterproof collars use Superflux-LEDs — with 17-year LED life …

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As you can see they can be a great safety aid and also great fun.

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